Services - Gardens by Marco Schrang

Garden Design

New build project, make-over or just a tired garden? Your garden does not need to be a worry. We help you to make it your perfect personal space.
We offer different design stages together with a staged fee structure to make the whole process simple and enjoyable. Read about the our garden design process.

Alternative Services

Design consultation:

I am happy to come around to have a leisurely stroll around your garden to give advice and tips on how to improve the existing situation. The visit is followed up by a brief summary in writing. There are many different alternatives to improve your garden from a development plan, maintenance plan, sketch design, Border development or just some personal plant shopping without going through the whole range of a full garden design.
Sessions are usually about 3-5 hours and charges depend on the location and travel costs. Please, contact me for further details.

Garden and border development/ Personal plant shopping:

To get the spring back into your tired garden, why not try our garden and border development service to emphasise the existing features and plants. This mixture of design consultation and practical advice will be the first steps to revive your garden.
If you are happy with most of your garden and just not sure about the right plant for that special spot or just cleared border, I am happy to go plant shopping with you to offer advice for the right plant, right hight, colour schemes etc. Sessions can be booked locally from just one hour.

Planting schemes:

If you are hands-on, perhaps have already designed and built your garden but struggle to find the right plants to complement your scheme, this is what you need.
Planting schemes can be drawn up for a small area or the whole garden. They come with a plan to show where what plant is going and a shopping list.

Plant supply, planting and development:

I work with local and specialist nurseries to source the plants that will fit your project and can arrange delivery and planting for you, sourcing of sculptures, furniture, features and accessories or just seasonal pots.
Should you be interested in any of the above or fancy some new pots seasonally planted, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Garden design workshops, courses, talks and tutorials:

Should you be interested in a garden design workshop or a talk, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.