Design Philosophy

What is a Garden?

A garden means something different to each person.

It is amazing how individual the attributes are which are associated with a garden or outdoor space; yet they tend to be of a recreational and sensual nature and inclusive of close family and friends or the immediate social circle.

In many aspects a garden has to be practical at first yet surprising, atmospheric and in touch with nature as much as it has to complement our personal and individual life style and environment.

The garden today is more than ever before an eclectic, multifunctional and multi-faceted outdoor space and personal retreat, it is mankind's own little paradise.

I’m here to help you create yours...

About Marco

Marco Schrang

Born in in the early 70s, I grew up in a small village on the outskirts of a rather provincial town in south west Germany. All my life suburban country living and the possibility to just step outdoors was always taken for granted. Digging the veg plot and harvesting fruits with my grandfather, who would in turn produce schnaps, preserves, juices and jams from the fruits of the garden and orchard was just part of everyday life.

Having finished school with A levels in French, Fine Art and Biology I started looking after my mothers garden whilst waiting for a place for my civilian service to become vacant and discovered my interest in planting design and gardens. I studied Landscape Architecture at the University of Paderborn, Germany with an emphasis on Garden Design and Green Spaces and finished my degree with distinction. Throughout my studies I have worked and had different placements as varied as labouring in a small nurserie to working with Landscape Architects and Ecologists in numerous practises in Kaiserslautern, Frankfurt, Germany and Rennes, France. I visited and studied hundreds of gardens whilst travelling mainly in Germany, France, Italy and the USA and have written at times for the german Garden Magazine ‘Garten Praxis’.

After some work experience in Germany I decided to move to the UK to finally visit some of the famous English Gardens I had heard so much of throughout my studies and earlier years. The Post Graduate Year and Diploma at Leeds Metropolitan University was a great and welcomed new experience and I loved to explore the many beautiful English Gardens and the beautiful Landscape in the UK and in particular in Yorkshire.

After finishing my degree I set up Business with a partner in 2000 and have designed gardens ever since. From small courtyard or front gardens (some of them being no bigger than 3x3m) to 2 acre gardens I have enjoyed working on projects of all styles in London, Manchester, Cheshire, Wales and the North of England as well as some projects in Edinburgh, Scotland. My first ever Show Garden at the RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park was awarded a silver gilt medal back in 2001. All the show gardens designed for the 'Concept for Living Design Shows' in the following years were awarded with the title of 'Garden Designer of the Year' (in 2002, 2004 and 2005) voted by the readers of the 'Concept for Living Magazine'. Work also brought me to sunny mainland Spain and Mallorca, France and back to Germany, a welcome opportunity to stay with familly and friends.

In 2008 I was asked to write a series of garden design related editorials for the 'Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine'. 2008 also saw the set up of my own design practice, Marco A. Schrang Garden Design Ltd, which allows me to concentrate in more detail on different projects and to establish an even better and closer designer-client relationship. I still enjoy the challenge that comes with every new project and love the variety of different styles, settings, briefs and most exciting - meeting the clients and all their different personalities.

I look forward to meeting you.