An Urban Country Retreat

Brief - To create a garden within the boundaries of the existing hedge. A garden to complement the house with all its architectural features, a garden low in maintenance with strong lines yet being romantic and lush, multifacetted in its use from relaxation, entertaining to still having a small vegetable plot. Bringing together the style of the house with its urban character and the rural setting on the outskirts of Leeds.

Water feature and vegetable garden in back ground Build in seats with a calming view over the garden Take a seat Inside–out. The window slides and opens to the full extent Strong architectural lines Pebbles, timber, tiles and water, the Perfect combination to show off some architectural planting Sunbathing by the water The design mirrors the strong architectural lines of the building Timber and steel, transition from one garden area into the other Different view, different image ‘Blue hour’ in the garden Inside-out. The view form the lounge at night The mirror pond at night The buildings strong architectural feature at night Invitation for a cocktail by the pool A different kind of lighting Evening in the garden

‘The Garden is beautyful! It’s got everything we wished for. The perfect size, lay-out, maintenance, it’s just perfect.’
Jane and Neil McA