A Garden in Mallorca

Brief - The garden with its square swimming pool, extensive lawn areas as well as a quite dated loggia had hardly any general interest nor inviting seating areas and places of interest. Boring and tired areas have been revived through planting and the creation of new garden rooms, features and welcoming seating areas. The new pool with its organic shape draws the eye into different areas of the garden and connects the house and garden with its beautiful surroundings.

Swimming pool seen from the loggia Pool detail with view into the distance The secret garden Access to the swimming pool and garden The Front Garden at night Warm summer nights Detail outdoor dining room Outdoor dining room at night View into the ‘secret garden’ Giant oil jars in the front garden Gravel, Pine trees and Succulents in the Gravel Garden The Gravel Garden

‘‘…and now we’ve got the real one. Nice one. Lovely swimming pool, that BBQ area with the seating and the views, the golf course, the palm trees, the massive oil jars – the lot really - NICE.’
John Pearce