A Contemporary Country Garden

Brief - To create different garden areas around the main building taking into account different aspects of exposition, accessibility from the house and therefore how the areas will be used. Visual links both from inside the building as well as between different areas of the garden are important but also the feeling of a defined space. ‘Garden-rooms’ without too strong the compartments, more like different spaces flowing from one area into the next one.

Allium Alliums in Early Summer	Different Levels Early Summer			Late Summer Impression	One of Many Gardenrooms	Seen from the Pergola	Take a Seat	Texture	The Canal	The Pergola as a Picture Frame	The Tulips are Out	The Water Feature	View into the Sky	View Towards Raised Patio	Water and 'Annabelle'

‘The garden has been fantastic all year round. There seem to be flowers all the time. It’s beautiful with the light in it…'